Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle? Detailed Guide 2024

Can you wear a Fitbit on your ankle? How accurate is Fitbit on the ankle? We often see most people asking such questions as they somehow want to get rid of their Fitbit on their wrists. Some people think that it’s okay, while others do not agree with this. However, what is right?

You should not wear it on your ankle if you are tracking health metrics such as Heart Rate, Blood-Oxygen Level, Sleep, etc. However, with Fitbit on your ankle, you can get a better step count score and improve cycle tracking.

Wearing Fitbit on your ankle depends on your requirements and the contemporary situation. If you are playing some wrist game that involves a lot of wrist work, you can wear your Fitbit on your ankle. Keep reading to know more about the “Fitbit on the ankle.”

Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle? – Results

Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle – Results
Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle – Results

Fitbit trackers track your health metrics through different methods. Some health tracking, such as heart rate, sleep, and blood-oxygen level, is done by tracking your pulse. Other features, such as activity tracking, step count, etc., are done by observing movements.

Fitbit is designed for the wrist as here the pulse is more clear. Fitbit on your wrist gives you more accurate health metrics, while Fitbit on your ankle gives more accurate results for activity tracking. However, the company recommends the wrist as the right spot for Fitbit.

Benefits Of Wearing A Fitbit On Ankle

As mentioned earlier, wearing Fitbit on your ankle has some benefits. However, the disadvantages are more than the plus points. Let’s have a look at how wearing a Fitbit on your ankle may benefit you.

Better Steps Counts

The step count feature of the Fitbit works using an accelerometer. This studies the movements and then tracks your step count with the help of an algorithm. Wearing your watch on your ankle helps the accelerometer track your steps more precisely.

Moreover, while playing games such as table tennis or badminton, your legs do not move much; your wrists do. In such a case, if you wear Fitbit on your wrist, it might start tracking your steps as you move your hands. This might give you an inaccurate step count.

Free Wrists

You get your wrists free to move. Playing sports such as tennis or badminton requires excessive wrist work. In such sports, wearing watches on the wrist often creates hindrance while playing shots. So wearing Fitbit on your ankle gives your wrist free movement.

Better Cycle Tracking

Cycle tracking in Fitbit also uses the accelerometer. Tests show that wearing Fitbit on your ankle while cycling gives you a more accurate score than your wrist. It is because it easily detects your legs’ movements when you wear it on your ankle.

Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle – Better Cycle Tracking
Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle – Better Cycle Tracking

Disadvantages Of Wearing A Fitbit On Ankle

Though there are some advantages to wearing a Fitbit on the ankle, you can not ignore its drawbacks. Here are some reasons why you can’t wear Fitbit on your ankle and what you may miss if you wear it there.

Difficult To Operate

Operating or using your Fitbit is difficult if it’s on the ankle. You have to bend every time you want to check your score or see the time. Moreover, making changes such as resetting the stopwatch or scores is even harder.

Inaccurate Heart Rate Tracking

Fitbit on your ankle does not give accurate health metrics such as heart rate tracking and blood oxygen level. The reason is that the pulse is not clear on the ankle. However, you can try wearing it on your wrist.

Inaccurate Sleep Data

Besides health metrics, your Fitbit won’t accurately track your sleep if you wear it on your ankle while sleeping. However, if you don’t need your sleep stats, then it’s not a big deal to wear Fitbit on your ankle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the best place to wear your Fitbit?

Two inches above your wrist bone is the perfect spot for your Fitbit. Here the pulse is clear, and it helps Fitbit track health metrics accurately. Moreover, it is also safer to wear it on your wrist than other body parts such as the ankle.

Is there any other tracker that is best for the ankle?

Yes, there are trackers that are specifically made for ankles. These include Fitbit Flex 2, Amazon Halo Band, and Moov Now Fitness Tracker. 

Final Words

Fitbit trackers are well known for their accurate health and activity tracking features. However, you need to wear them at the right spot. The wrist is the best spot for wearing Fitbit suggested by the company and the experts. But you can also wear it on your ankle.

This was all about wearing Fitbit on the ankle. I hope you have got a detailed answer to “can you wear a Fitbit on your ankle.” Take proper care of your Fitbit and enjoy endless health and activity tracking.

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