What Is DND Mode On Fitbit (Luxe, Charge, Versa, Inspire And More)

Are you finding yourself constantly distracted by notifications and alerts on your Fitbit device? Do you want to work quietly or sleep soundly in a peaceful environment? Then, Fitbit’s DND mode is for you. Let’s look closely at “what is DND mode on Fitbit and how it works.”

DND stands for “Do Not Disturb.” Fitbit Do Not Disturb (DND) mode dramatically assists in getting rid of any unwanted notifications that can cause distraction. With this mode on, you can choose between the announcements you want to receive and those you don’t want to. 

Being notified by an unwanted notification when focused at work or exercise is maddening. Losing focus can significantly affect your productivity. The Fitbit DND mode helps you keep your focus, making alerts silent and making you more involved in what you are doing.

What Is DND Mode On Fitbit — Function

What Is DND Mode On Fitbit — Function
What Is DND Mode On Fitbit — Function

DND(Do Not Disturb) Mode on Fitbit allows you to maintain your center of attention, making notifications silent. Furthermore, it prevents the display from lighting up when a message or call occurs during a meeting, work, or exercise.

Using Fitbit DND mode is relatively simple. It can be enabled and disabled easily. You can also make changes to the Fitbit DND mode as per your requirements and select what notification you want to receive. You can also set a time threshold during which it should be switched on and off.

Fitbit’s DND mode dramatically enhances your experience at places where concentration is needed. This mode helps you maintain your focus giving precedence to your health goals. Fitbit DND mode is worth trying if you want to take a break from the technology and get some rest. 

How To Enable DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode on Fitbit?

Enabling DND mode on Fitbit is quite simple. Follow these easy steps to activate DND mode.

  • Tap on the Fitbit screen.
  •  Scroll down your Fitbit screen until you see the DND mode option.
  •  Tap on it.
  •  Your DND mode is activated.

You can also enable it from settings.

  • Go to your Fitbit settings.
  •  Scroll down to the Do Not Disturb Option.
  •  Tap on it and turn it on.

For Deactivation, tap again on the DND option in the Quick Settings menu to deactivate it.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode On Multiple Fitbit Watches

Almost all the Fitbit Models come with the DND functionality. However, the methods for turning it on and off differ in different models. All Fitbit variants can be activated with the DND mode, as shown in the table below.

Fitbit VariantHow to enable DND mode?
LuxeTap on the Screen. Scroll down to the quick settings menu. Tap on the DND mode option.
SenseAfter making the Fitbit screen active, Swipe right and DND option from Quick Settings.
IonicSwipe Down the notification bar. Swipe Down again to open the control center. Go to Quick Settings and Tap on the DND option.
Versa 2Tap Screen. Scroll Down to Quick Settings. Tap on the DND icon.
Versa 3Wake your Fitbit screen. Swipe right to Quick Settings and activate Do Not Disturb mode.
Inspire/Charge 3/Charge 4Wake your Fitbit screen. Swipe left to Quick Settings and activate DND mode.
Inspire HRSimply activate Do Not Disturb Mode on your android or iOS device. It will automatically activate this one of your Inspire HR.
Charge 5Go to Quick Settings by scrolling down. Tap on the DND option.
DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode On Multiple Fitbit Watches

How Is the DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode On Fitbit Different From The Sleep Mode?

Sleep mode and DND are not very much different from each other. Both modes prevent notifications from causing distractions while at work or in a doze. The only difference is that sleep mode is specifically designed to avoid disturbance while night rest and track your sleep record.

How Is the DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode On Fitbit Different From The Sleep Mode.
DND Mode Vs Sleep Mode (Image Credit: Fitbit)

You can select the time at which your Fitbit should automatically go into sleep mode. In this mode, Fitbit doesn’t display any notifications and avoids the lighting of the display while you are asleep. Remember that you can’t activate both Sleep and DND modes simultaneously.

What Notifications Will You Receive If DND Mode Is Activated?

While your Fitbit is in DND mode, you cannot get any notifications like texts, calls, and many more until and unless you deactivate it. However, you can make a choice between notifications that are important and what you want to receive when Fitbit is in DND mode.

These notifications may include alarms, reminders, etc., which play an important role in maintaining your daily routine. You can set what notifications you want to receive when in DND mode very easily. Follow these steps to choose the type of alerts you want to get in this mode.

  • Open your Fitbit App.
  •  On the Top left corner, tap on the profile icon.
  •  Tap on your Fitbit device, whatever you may have.
  •  Go to notifications.
  •  Turn Off notifications you don’t want to receive.
  •  Only leave those which you want to be displayed in DND mode.

Note: All Fitbit models can be configured in the same way.

Does Fitbit Monitor Your Health Activities While The DND Mode Is Turned On?

Yes, Fitbit does track your health activities like it normally does when DND mode is active. This mode only minimizes distractions of any form that can make you lose your attention. However, it continues to keep your fitness data and empowers you to achieve your fitness and sleep goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should DND be off or on, on Fitbit?

Keeping DND mode on or off always depends on you. If you find it easy and don’t want to always sneak into your phone, keep it off. If notifications disturb you, you can activate DND mode.

What are the benefits of DND?

DND mode will prevent displaying notifications or vibration of your Fitbit, thus keeping you focused on your work. You can choose what you allow and what you don’t want to bypass DND mode.

Can you receive calls in DND mode?

When DND mode is active, voice calls go to your voicemails. You did not receive any direct popup when someone tried to contact you. However, you get a missed call notification.


Fitbit has now become a well-known brand of smartwatches and fitness trackers that provide a variety of features. DND mode is one of these features that allow users to avoid displaying unnecessary notifications and lighting the display while working out or taking a nap.

You can customize this mode according to your needs. This Fitbit feature greatly assists Fitbit users in keeping a healthy balance between work and life. You can use this feature to get undisturbed sleep and stay focused. So, activate it and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. 

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