How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last? (Watch Life Explained)

How many years does a Fitbit last? We mostly hear such questions from people planning to buy Fitbit to achieve their fitness goals. You might have heard various opinions of people on this topic. However, the reality is that it depends on several things.

Normally, a Fitbit can last up to 3 years or even 5 years in the most exceptional case. However, the average lifespan of most Fitbit trackers is between 24 to 36 months. Your Fitbit may last longer than this time if you follow regular maintenance and cleaning practices.

Everyone wants their Fitbit and other gadgets to remain functional for a lifetime. However, due to wear and tear and other damages, digital gadgets such as watches do not last much longer. Read this article to know more about how long your Fitbit can last.

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last? — Replacing Your Fitbit

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last?
How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last?

How to know that it’s time to change your Fitbit? Speaking honestly, I would only change my Fitbit when it stops working, and this is what most people do. However, there may be several other reasons that might force you to replace or upgrade your Fitbit.

If you feel that your watch is outdated and is not doing any good, it’s time to upgrade your Fitbit. The latest Fitbit trackers offer a wide range of advanced features for fitness and other purposes. Moreover, their software is also updated, which is better than older models.

Sometimes Fitbit watches do not work properly. You can not track some exercises, or the tracking data is not accurate. That happens when your device’s software is not up to date. If the problem remains after updating the software, then you should look for an upgrade.

Factors That Determine The Lifespan Of Fitbit

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last — Replacing Your Fitbit

As mentioned earlier, the lifespan of your Fitbit depends on various factors. Some of these factors are your responsibility, while others are dependent on the manufacturers. Let’s have a look at some factors that affect the lifespan of your Fitbit.

Hardware Quality

The hardware quality of your Fitbit is the most basic factor that directly influences the overall life of your Fitbit. Though Fitbit is continuously upgrading its models and offering advanced features, there are still some flaws in the hardware of the watches.

Have you ever heard of hardware failures? Low-quality hardware often ruins the average life of your Fitbit. These may occur due to dirt, bugs, and other technical errors. Hardware failure may result in an unresponsive or dark screen. Fitbit may shut down all of a sudden.

Battery Health

The health of your Fitbit’s battery is directly proportional to your Fitbit’s life. On average, your Fitbit can last for almost 5 days on a single recharge. However, if you use battery-draining apps, it may last only one day. 

That means that using battery-draining apps can affect your battery’s performance and directly affect your watch’s lifespan. Avoid using unnecessary apps such as GPS and navigation when not required. For tips on improving battery performance, check out this Fitbit Help article.

Water Resistance

Is your Fitbit water-resistant? What if I tell you that it may lose its water resistance feature? It happens that when you keep your Fitbit in contact with water for longer periods, it may lose its water resistance ability. 

Once your Fitbit loses this ability, the risk of hardware failures increases. So, if you go swimming often, it is better to remove your Fitbit. In the other case, your Fitbit might not last longer than a couple of years.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning are often considered good for watches and other digital gadgets. However, too frequent cleaning can also be problematic and can lead to hardware failure. Try to follow the user’s manual of Fitbit and plan a cleaning schedule accordingly.

Reset Frequency

The lifespan of your Fitbit also depends on how frequently you reset your Fitbit. Resetting Fitbit quite frequently can give rise to technical and mechanical problems and can also affect the device’s algorithm. Only reset your Fitbit when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much warranty does Fitbit offer?

Fitbit offers a one-year warranty for the watch and its components when used under normal circumstances. However, they do not take responsibility if you damage your watch in an accident.

Why does Fitbit slow down its performance after some time?

It is clearly written in Fitbit’s policy that their watches may slow down after a couple of years due to outdated hardware. Fitbit trackers have worked finely for almost two years. Though the updated software is launched regularly by Fitbit, the device’s performance still goes down. 

Can I Fix My Fitbit?

If your Fitbit is under warranty, you should contact their customer support. They may either replace the watch or show you how to fix it. However, if the warranty is over, you may ask a professional for a repair. You yourself can’t fix Fitbit due to its delicate hardware.

Final Words

Fitbit trackers are getting popular among people, especially athletes and fitness lovers. Fitbit is keen to provide the best service to its users and offers regular software updates. However, people are still getting issues with their Fitbit watches.

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last — Conclusion
Conclusion — (Image Credit: Fitbit)

The average lifespan of a Fitbit tracker is two to three years. However, it depends on several factors. I hope you have got a detailed answer to “How many years does a Fitbit last?”. I wish your Fitbit could last life long. So, take care of it and enjoy endless health tracking.

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