Bellabeat Vs Fitbit – A Comprehensive Comparison In 2024?

Are you looking for a detailed comparison between Bellabeat vs Fitbit to see which is more suitable for women? Well, you just landed at the right spot. In this article, we will compare the features and specifications of Fitbit and Bellabeat. 

Bellabeat vs Fitbit
Bellabeat vs Fitbit

Comparing Bellabeat to Fitbit, the most prominent thing about Fitbit is its high demand. Being in the market for seven more years than Bellabeat, Fitbit is now a well-known fitness tracker producer. However, Bellabeat is also offering premium fitness trackers.

We see that most tech wearables are designed while considering men as their ultimate users. Bellabeat took a step ahead and produced premium fitness trackers that are now competing with other producers, such as Fitbit and Xiaomi. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

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Bellabeat Vs Fitbit: Side By Side Features Comparison – Investigating Features, Tracking Capabilities, and Additional Functions

Both Bellabeat and Fitbit are trying their best to get on the top spot for producing fitness trackers. Who is going to win this contest? Let’s have a detailed comparison of the features of Bellabeat Vs Fitbit to see the winner. 

FunctionalitiesBellabeat Vs Fitbit – A Comprehensive Comparison In 2024?FitbitBellabeat Vs Fitbit – A Comprehensive Comparison In 2024?Bellabeat
Fitness ActivitiesMonitors distance, floors, and active minutes.Records steps, distance, and exercise activities.
Sleep MonitoringDelivers sleep stage analysis as well as sleep duration and quality monitoring.Measures the quantity and quality of sleep
Calories BurnDisplay the calorie burned value.Display the calorie burned value.
Pulse RateTracks Heart/Pulse Rate.There isn’t a heart rate monitor yet.
Built-in GPSGPS that is integrated or connected (Varies in different models).No Built-In GPS.
Water ResistanceWaterproof (some variants are also swim-proof).(Unsuitable for swimming) Water-resistant.
Display Touchscreen OLED/LED displayOLED Display
BatteryDepending on usage, up to 7 days.Depending on usage, up to six months
Activity TrackingYesYes
Guidance Breathing SessionsYesYes
Food TrackingYesNo
Water TrackingYesYes
Mobile ApplicationiOS/Android/OS X/Mac/Windows PhoneiOS/Android
Alarm ClockYesYes

Bellabeat And Fitbit Benchmarks

Bellabeat vs Fitbit.Bellabeat

Expert Rating
Brand Popularity
Ease of Use
Build Quality & Design
Comfort and User Experience

Bellabeat vs FitbitFitbit

Expert Rating
Brand Popularity
Ease of Use
Build Quality & Design
Comfort and User Experience

Fitbit Vs Bellabeat Pros And Cons


Fitbit's Pros & Cons

Provides a number of additional features, including integrated GPS, payment support, social network integration, audio controls, and guided breathing sessions.

Overall Rating 9
  • A watch that is much more user-friendly
  • Withstands water up to 50 metres
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Provides a no-cost return policy
  • Supports prepaid and debit cards
  • Lacks its own GPS sensor
  • There is no altimeter to track elevation.

Bellabeat's Pros & Cons

Comes with designs that are fashionable and feminine, have extended battery lives, track a range of health data, are water resistant, and provide some extra features.

Overall Rating 8
  • Only the Bellabeat can track menstrual periods among fitness trackers.
  • Long battery life is provided by the Bellabeat.
  • The precision of a pedometer is far higher than that of a Fitbit.
  • The Bellabeat may easily go with any clothing you wear and is quite fashionable.
  • The Bellabeat is Water-resistant
  • A heart rate monitor is not yet available for Bellabeat.


When it comes to design, some Fitbit smartwatches have a similar design to Apple watches. Sometimes, they are so similar to Apple watches that some people misjudge them to be Apple watches. However, most Fitbit trackers are slim as compared to Apple watches. 

Fitbit trackers are unisex, i.e., they are suitable for both men and women. Their decent design makes them a perfect choice for everyone. Moreover, the black color of most Fitbit trackers adds to their decency, making these an excellent option for every gender.

On the contrary, Bellabeat comes with a unique bracelet design. You can wear it either with a bracelet or a necklace. Since Bellabeat trackers are meant only for women, they come in many attractive designs and colors. Sometimes, these trackers look like a jewel in a bracelet.


Bellabeat fitness tracker is just a small device with no screen. However, you can check your tracking data by connecting your Bellabeat fitness tracker to your smartphone. Bellabeat fitness tracker is compatible with a mobile app that directly retrieves data from the device. 

On the other hand, Fitbit comes with an AMOLED screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Its ambient light sensor self-regulates the screen brightness by measuring the light in the surroundings. Moreover, the Fitbit screen has 300×300 pixels and a brightness of 1000 nits.

Battery Life

When talking about battery life, Bellabeat is the winner. As Bellabeat has no display for power consumption, its power consumption is low. On the contrary, several factors are responsible for extra power consumption in Fitbit trackers. 

Under normal circumstances, your Fitbit device may last around two days on a single charge. However, you can increase the battery life by turning on the power mode and reducing the use of GPS. Continuously using GPS and music can drastically affect the battery life.

Water Resistance

Bellabeat fitness trackers come with a variety of water resistance levels, such as IP68 and IPX6. If your Bellabeat has an IP68 certificate, then it is one of the best water-resistant devices. However, IPX6 means that you can’t go for a swim with a Bellabeat on your wrist.

On the other hand, most Fitbit trackers come with a minimum water-resistance of IP68. This makes Fitbit trackers a better choice for people living in rainy areas or those who often take showers. Most Fitbits can withstand up to 5 ATM of water pressure.


In terms of tracking features, no one can beat Fitbit as it is only meant for fitness tracking. With its precise sensors, a Fitbit tracker offers tracking features for activities such as sleep, Heart rate, SpO2, etc. The premium subscription gives you access to several extra features.

On the contrary, Bellabeat also offers some tracking features, such as sleep, steps, and breathing, with compromised accuracy. However, the best thing about Bellabeat is that it can precisely track the menstrual cycle. This feature makes it an ideal choice for women. 


Fitbit trackers have a wide range of compatibility with devices such as computers, laptops, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. Fitbit uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to connect wirelessly to other devices. Moreover, Fitbit trackers can also connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Bellabeat, on the other hand, has comparatively fewer connectivity options. You can connect your Bellabeat device wirelessly to your Apple or Android phone over Bluetooth. However, you need an Android version 6.0 or iPhone version 11.0 to make the connection smooth.

Smartwatch Ecosystem and Compatibility

Bellabeat aims for seamless integration into users’ daily routines. The smartwatches sync effortlessly with the Bellabeat app, providing a centralized hub for health data. The compatibility with both iOS and Android devices enhances the accessibility of Bellabeat’s ecosystem, fostering inclusivity.

Fitbit’s strength lies in its extensive app ecosystem. The Fitbit app is a comprehensive health dashboard, offering insights into fitness, sleep, and nutrition. The compatibility with popular third-party apps enhances the versatility of Fitbit devices, allowing users to personalize their wellness journey.


When comparing the price point of Fitbit with Bellabeat, the difference seems quite straightforward. However, it is not that simple. For example, Bellabeat is available for almost 100 USD, while a budget-friendly Fitbit is somewhere near 80 USD. But the real comparison is if we see their features also.

So, Bellabeat Leaf Urban offers a wide range of features, from stress monitoring to personalizing your activity goals. On the contrary, the Fitbit Flex 2, which is almost the same price as Bellabeat, offers no such features. However, going for the latest models can give you access to advanced features.

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Fitbit Vs Bellabeat – The Winner

Bellabeat-vs-Fitbit — The Winner
Bellabeat vs Fitbit

We have seen the side-by-side comparison of Fitbit Vs Bellabeat. Both devices have some positive points and some drawbacks. The winner of this contest may vary from person to person, depending on the requirements. 

If you are an athlete and looking for a perfect partner to track your activities, Fitbit is the ideal option for you. However, if you are a woman looking for a tracker that can track your menstrual cycle, we would suggest Bellabeat. 

Overall, Fitbit is the winner of this contest. It has more features, exceptional device compatibility, and a great design. Moreover, Bellabeat has no display, so you must take out your phone whenever you want to check your activity tracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Tracker is better than Fitbit?

Apple fitness trackers are considered to be better than Fitbit in terms of technology and accuracy. However, they have limited connectivity options at a high price. When it comes to fitness tracking at a reasonable price, Fitbit trackers are the best in the market. 

Who is Fitbit’s most significant competitor?

Apple and Samsung are the biggest competitors for Fitbit. However, when we talk about fitness trackers only, we see that Garmin and Fitbit are fighting for the top spot. Several other competitors, such as Google Fit and Amazfit, are not at par with Fitbit.

What is a Bellabeat?

Bellabeat is a wellness company well known for its fitness-tracking devices. The Bellabeat leaf tracks several activities, including sleep, steps, menstrual cycle, breathing, etc. Its overall design and features make it an excellent choice for women.

Why is my period calendar on Fitbit not working?

Ensure that your period is between one and eleven days. There are no specific reasons why your period calendar is not working. However, you may try deleting your period history, restarting the device, and reconnecting it to your phone.

Final Words

The comparison of Bellabeat Vs Fitbit is over, and we announced Fitbit as the winner. However, Bellabeat is also a great competitor, as it has some excellent features, including menstrual cycle tracking.

Bellabeat has proven to be an excellent choice for most women who want to track their menstrual cycles. On the contrary, Fitbit fitness trackers are an excellent choice for athletes and gym rats who are crazy about their fitness.

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