Are Apple Watches Locked To A Carrier? Don’t buy Before You Know.

Have you bought an Apple watch from BestBuy which is not connecting to a carrier? You might be thinking about whether Apple watches are locked to a carrier. Moreover, some people also ask questions such as how are apple watches locked to a carrier.

If you are buying a new Apple watch, it shouldn’t be locked to any carrier. However, some models of Apple watches get locked to a specific carrier, restricting you from connecting to other carriers. Used Apple watches usually have this problem of being locked to a carrier.

On the other hand, there are several models of Apple watches that can be connected to multiple carriers. Do you want to know more about the carrier locks on Apple watches? Read this article to learn more about Apple watches and their cellular connectivity.

What is Carrier Locking?

Are Apple Watches Locked To A Carrier

Many people just get confused when they are told about carrier locking. It is a common practice among carriers to restrict your phone to a specific carrier. This hinders you from connecting to other carriers if you move somewhere else.

Sim lock and iCloud lock are the two most popular types of locks for phones, and they are totally different from each other. A sim lock means that your phone connects to the other carrier even when you physically insert the sim card of that carrier.

On the other hand, iCloud lock is a security lock that helps protect your data in case of theft or robbery. If you have lost your phone, the iCloud lock will prevent someone else from accessing your data on the phone.

How Are Apple Watches Locked To A Carrier?

Apple watches can be divided into two very distinct subsections; GPS-only and those with cellular connectivity. The GPS-only models use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for internet connection. However, the real complication comes when we talk about cellular models.

Most cellular models of Apple watches are regional, which means that they can work properly in only a specified region or country. Moving from one region to the other region might result in your Apple watch getting locked.

Secondly, the carrier locking of your Apple watch also depends on the cellular technology that it supports, i.e., LTE, GSM, and CDMA. In most cases, the CDMA-compatible Apple watches are carrier locked and may stop you from changing your network carrier.

How To Change Your Apple Watch Carrier?

How To Change Your Apple Watch Carrier

If you are looking to switch to some other carrier in your vicinity that is providing better services, you need to follow a few steps. Before initiating the process, make sure that your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected to each other.

  • Open the Apple app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the “My Watch” tab.
  • Now, tap on the “cellular” tab.
  • This will automate a process that will connect your watch to your iPhone’s carrier.
  • Change the plan if you are looking for a better subscription.

How To Unlock Apple Watch From A Carrier?

How To Unlock Apple Watch From A Carrier

After knowing about the carrier locking of the watches, you might be wondering about how to unlock the Apple watch from a carrier. Unlocking your watch from a carrier has several benefits with a few limitations. Here are a few steps to unlock your watch from a carrier. 

Contact The Carrier

So, the first step is to contact the carrier from whom you bought your Apple watch. However, remember that carriers often charge an additional fee to unlock your watch. Moreover, you might also get limited support from the carrier if you unlock your watch.

Meet The Eligibility Criteria

Most carriers have specific eligibility criteria for you to unlock your device from the carrier. These might vary depending on the carrier and the region you are living in. Moreover, it also depends on other factors, such as the completion of your contract or the device insurance.

Follow the Technical Procedure

Once you have completed all the requirements of the carrier, you now need to follow a few technical steps to finish this process. After completing the process on their end, they will guide you through the steps. You might need to reset your device to finish the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Apple Watch be used with any carrier?

If you are using your Apple watch with your iPhone, you must ensure that both of them are connected to the same cellular network. You can activate different plans and can also switch carrier when required.

Can I use my Apple Watch with any iPhone?

No, you can’t use your Apple watch with any iPhone. Due to the continuous updates and advanced features, not all Apple watches are compatible with all iPhones.

Is there any chance of a GPS-only Apple watch getting carrier locked?

No, there is no chance that your GPS-only Apple watch may get carrier locked because they don’t even use a carrier. They use your mobile’s internet or the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. However, cellular models of Apple watches might get carrier locked.

Final Words

Mostly, Apple watches are not carrier locked. Sometimes, due to a problem at the carrier’s end, your watch might not be able to switch to another carrier. However, by discussing the issue with the carrier provider, you can easily get over it.

After reading this article, I hope that you have learned a lot about how are Apple watches locked to a carrier. We also discussed steps to unlock your Apple Watch from a carrier and to change your carrier’s monthly plan.

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