Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons Explained

Knowing Fitbit Symbols Meaning can help you stay on top of your health and fitness goals and fully utilize your Fitbit device. Fitbit symbols make it simpler to track your progress, achieve your fitness goals, and have a more informed and effective fitness journey.

Fitbit records your daily activity, including your exercise quality, steps count, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. It presents all the data with a particular symbol so everyone can understand it. These symbols are present on your Fitbit screen in the form of icons.

Fitbit symbols may vary in different models, but the difference is not that much. It’s easy to recognize them; however, beginners sometimes have difficulty. I have explained some basic and popular symbols that every user must know!

Fitbit Symbols Meaning – The Basics

Fitbit devices track all your physical activity throughout the day and show the tracked data in the form of symbols. These symbols are small, circular icons on the Fitbit device display or on the device apps. They show your daily progress toward your fitness goals.

There are dozens of symbols Fitbit uses to help you understand its metrics. Some icons are present in the app, controlling features such as settings, your device mood, etc. In contrast, others are in the device to convey the track data to you.

Fitbit symbols may vary from model to model, but most symbols are similar in most models. Each Symbol present means something different. So, you should be aware of all of them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to utilize your Fitbit to its full potential.

What Does The Fitbit Symbol Mean? Official Logo

Have you ever thought about what the Fitbit official Symbol/Logo represents? Fitbit’s logo comprises 13 spheres. These spheres coordinate to create an arrow representing advancement and development while expressing a sensation of moving forward.

There is a secret message in Fitbit’s official trademark emblem that true fitness professionals will be able to identify. If you look deeper, you’ll note that the Fitbit logo maintains a happy medium between “Health” and “Technology.” Let’s analyze it deeper!

Fitbit Official Logo
Fitbit Official Logo

Fitbit Symbols Meaning – List of 10

Fitbit displays several different icons. Some will be evident, such as humanoid jogging, walking, or performing aerobic exercises. Recognizing the Fitbit symbols meaning can significantly assist you in tasks such as revising orders and the previous day’s activities.

1. Battery Symbol

Fitbit Battery Symbol The battery symbol on your Fitbit gadget represents the amount of power it has. The battery icon has a straight column. A filled column depicts a fully charged battery. If the device’s battery is going low, the battery icon will turn red, indicating that it needs to be recharged.

2. Tracker Symbol

Fitbit Tracker Symbol The tracking symbol shows your device tracking your activities, such as steps taken, calories burnt, etc. If the tracker is on, every movement is under the observation of the device. You must enable it if you want your actions to be recorded on time.

3. Heart Symbol

Fitbit Heart Symbol Fitbit devices’ Heart icon Symbolizes your all-day cardiovascular rate in various zones. Fitbit detects heart rate in four different zones; The Fat Burn zone, Cardio zone, Peak zone, and heart rate out of the zone. Your heart rate is monitored 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

4. Bluetooth Symbol

Fitbit Bluetooth Symbol The Bluetooth icon signifies that your device is in Bluetooth communication with another device. By pressing the Bluetooth button under settings, you can turn it on. The watch will begin scanning for nearby devices and can be paired with one of them. 

5. Apps Symbol

Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons Explained Fitbit devices can be used with a variety of applications. The app’s Icon indicates certain apps that are compatible with your device. These apps can be downloaded from the App Store. Fitbit Pay, Amazon Music, and AccuWeather are among these apps.

6. Settings Symbol

Fitbit Settings Symbol On any device, the settings app is essential. By tapping on the settings icon, you can adjust your Fitbit configurations. Multiple parameters can be changed using the settings app. These include a variety of choices like brightness, loudness, mode switching, and so on.

7. Footstep Symbol

Fitbit Footstep Symbol Fitbit’s Shoe sign symbolizes the total number of steps taken during an episode. The Fitbit counts sensor comprises a 3-axis accelerometer that collects acceleration along three dimensions. Your screen shows the total amount of steps you’ve taken during the day.

8. Flame Symbol

Fitbit Flame Symbol The flame symbol on your Fitbit screen shows the number of active and passive calories you have burnt. It determines calorie expenditure through your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The device calculates your calories scorched, whether you are active or at rest.

9. Three Arrows Symbol

Fitbit Three Arrows Symbol The Fitbit screen’s triple arrow symbol depicts active zone minutes. It symbolizes seconds spent doing mild to strenuous activity. The more arrows filled on your device screen, the more active zone minutes. It signifies a more significant pumping activity of your heart.

10. Human Figure Symbol

Fitbit Human Figure Symbol The Human figure symbol describes various workouts and the frequency of exercises you have accomplished. The Exercise app on different Fitbit devices allows you to start and end a workout. It views real-time metrics and captures GPS data.

Fitbit Sports And Exercise Symbols

Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedTreadmillFitbit Walking IconWalking
Fitbit Tennis IconTennisFitbit Golf IconGolf
Fitbit Biking IconCyclingFitbit Swimming IconSwimming
Fitbit Pilates Workout IconPilates WorkoutFitbit Stair Climbing IconStair Climbing
Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedWeightliftingFitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedBootcamp
Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedOutdoor ExcerciseFitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedHiking
Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedInterval WorkoutFitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedMartial Arts/Karate
Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedKick BoxingFitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedEllipticals
Fitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedYogaFitbit Symbols Meaning – Fitbit Icons ExplainedSpinning
Fitbit Sports And Exercise Symbols

Other User Interface Icons

Fitbit Dashboard IconDashboard Icon
Fitbit Sleep Mode SymbolSleep Mode Icon
Fitbit Brightness SymbolBrightness Adjustment Icon
Fitbit Music IconMusic Icon
FItbit Alarm IconAlarm Icon
Fitbit Donot Disturb SymbolDo not Disturb Icon
Other User Interface Icons

Why Understand Fitbit Symbols? The Benefits

Fitbit comes with a variety of fitness devices. You can wear them on your wrist to track your daily activities. They contain numerous symbols that represent various functions. These symbols are figurative representations of your regular activities and multiple exercises.

If you wish to use the device without hindrance, you must be familiar with all the symbols. They may vary between models and upgrades, but most of them are the same. Each Symbol signifies a distinct concept. So you must be familiar with all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the symbols mean on Fitbit?

Fitbit symbols appear as little icons on the device’s screen or app. They usually represent your fitness objectives. Each sign indicates a specific activity—your heart rate, total steps taken, running, and so forth. Different devices have various symbols.

What do the three arrows mean on Fitbit?

The Fitbit’s three arrows represent active zone minutes. It usually reveals how much time your heart has spent pounding. It is determined by the amount of time your heart spends burning fat. The giant arrow represents your heart’s maximum pumping activity.

What is the lightning symbol on a Fitbit?

On a Fitbit, the lightning icon represents active minutes. It refers to the time you have spent exercising moderately to vigorously. The number of calories you burn is measured in active minutes. The number of active minutes increases with the difficulty of the work.

Is the heart rate on Fitbit accurate?

Fitbit’s heart rate measurement is not very accurate. According to the researchers, the tracker becomes less accurate as you workout harder. The Fitbit’s measurement is only 84% correct since it underestimates heart rate. You shouldn’t solely rely on Fitbit values.

What is a penguin badge on Fitbit?

Fitbit always gives you credit when you complete a task. For example, Walking 70 miles, you will receive a March of Penguins badge or a London badge if you walk 250 miles. Such badges keep you motivated and boost your attention toward your fitness or exercise goals.

Conclusion – Fitbit Symbols Meaning

Only a Fitbit user understands the significance of learning the meanings of the symbols on the watch. If you are familiar with the symbols on your Fitbit device, you may quickly personalize your display. This will give the smartwatch a great appearance.

This article comprehensively lists the most commonly used symbols and their meanings. You can try different settings and apps to see which works best for you. If you are still unsure about any symbol, review the user manual for your Fitbit device.

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