Is Fitbit Golf GPS For Real? Facts

Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers are getting popular among people for their exceptional performance and features. With new updates every couple of months, Fitbit has now introduced Fitbit golf GPS. Are you also wondering if this feature is real?

Yes, Fitbit golf GPS is for real. Fitbit devices that are compatible with the Golf software can support this feature. However, only a few Fitbit devices offer this feature. These include Fitbit Sense, Ionic, Versa 3, Charge 4, and Charge 5. 

In this article, we will take a deeper look at how Fitbit works on a golf course and how accurate it is. I also have some other alternative devices for golf grounds. Read it thoroughly to learn how to take the most out of your Fitbit tracker on the Golf course.

Is Fitbit Golf GPS Accurate?

Is Fitbit Golf GPS Accurate
Is Fitbit Golf GPS Accurate?

Fitbit’s accuracy on a golf course is similar to its tracking abilities on other grounds. However, it does not come with an in-built Golf GPS which reduces its performance than other Golf GPS rangefinders. You have to download a golf app to track distances on the golf course.

We can say that tracking the holes and making course plans with Fitbit is a great option when you have it for free. You just have to download the relevant app and sync it to your Fitbit. Also, ensure that your Fitbit model is compatible with the app you are downloading.

Remember that Fitbit never claims to be a Golf rangefinder which means it’s not giving the best Golf rangefinder services. There are other alternatives for Fitbit Golf GPS, which are far more accurate. However, you have to pay extra for their services.

How Does Fitbit Measure Golf?

Fitbit uses a combination of several of its features to help you on the golf course. The step tracker feature of Fitbit counts your steps as it does in any situation. You can reset your step count while entering the golf course and get the exact steps you have walked there. 

Fitbit does not come with a built-in golf GPS. However, several Fitbit devices are compatible with a range of Golf GPS apps that can help you calculate the distances on the golf course. With these apps, you can check the distance between your location and the hole.

If you already have a Fitbit, then you don’t need to buy a specific GPS rangefinder for golf. You can download a relevant app, sync it to your Fitbit, and use it to calculate distances. A Fitbit will also track your other activities while helping you with the holes on the golf course.

Other Options For Golf Tracking

You can find a lot of better options than Fitbit for golf tracking. Though Fitbit is also great at tracking holes and measuring distances on the golf course, you can have better options. Professional golfers should not invest in Fitbit as it is not the best Golf rangefinder. 

The best alternative for Fitbit on the golf course is Garmin S10. It has a much more accurate GPS and helps find holes and doglegs. You can also try SkyCaddie LX5, which offers a bright screen that reduces the error chances. Golf Buddy GPS Voice 2 is also worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I add golf to my Fitbit?

    You can add golf to your Fitbit by tapping on the “exercise shortcuts” option. You will see a list of exercises. Find golf in the list and tap the “+” sign opposite to the exercise to add it to your Fitbit.Β 

  2. What is the best watch for Golf?

    For professional golfers, we suggest Garmin S10 as the best Golf rangefinder. However, you may also try other options, such as SkyCaddie LX5 and Golf Buddy Voice 2.

  3. Should I buy Fitbit for golf?

    No, if you are buying Fitbit for the sole purpose of getting assistance on the golf course, you should not buy it. However, you can use it on the golf course if you already have it. Otherwise, you can find a lot of better options than Fitbit for the golf course.

Final Words

Fitbit is becoming popular nowadays due to its wide range of features, from HR tracking to sports tracking. Though Fitbit does not have a built-in golf GPS, nor it claims to be a Golf rangefinder, you can still use it. You just have to download the app and sync it to your Fitbit.

This was all about how Fitbit golf GPS helps you find holes and calculate distances on the golf course. Though you can use Fitbit for golf, we do not suggest it for professional golfers. It is because it is not as accurate as a Golf rangefinder which is specifically meant for Golf.

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