How To Charge A Fitbit Without A Charger? – [4 Simple Ways]

It’s pretty annoying when you find your Fitbit battery drained out during the middle of a workout. However, have you ever lost your charger with your Fitbit almost drained of power? To tackle such a situation, you must know how to charge a Fitbit without a charger.

There are several ways to charge your Fitbit even if you don’t have a charger. The most common and popular methods include a wall charger, a power bank, and a Laptop USB port. However, you can also try being creative and making a DIY charger for your Fitbit.

Fitbit has greatly improved the battery life of its fitness trackers to make them suitable for marathon athletes. However, there are still chances that your Fitbit may run out of battery in the middle of nowhere. Read this article to learn some simple ways to charge your Fitbit.

How To Charge A Fitbit Without A Charger – Methods

How To Charge A Fitbit Without A Charger
How To Charge A Fitbit Without A Charger

Charging Fitbit is not a problem unless you don’t have a charger. As Fitbit does not offer a charger with its fitness trackers, you can use the lead provided by Fitbit. However, in case you don’t have the lead, follow the ideas below to charge your Fitbit.

Wall Charger

The most common and popular method to charge your Fitbit is using a wall charger. It is more reliable and charges pretty quickly. The charging process is similar to charging your phone or tablet. However, make sure that the cable is compatible with your Fitbit model.

Laptop USB Port

This is when you don’t have the charger or the adapter. You can connect your Fitbit lead or a USB cable to a laptop or computer port and charge your Fitbit. Ensure that your Laptop is fully charged or connected to some power source.

Power Bank

Power banks and portable power stations are getting popular nowadays. Though power stations are made for a variety of devices, power banks are specifically designed for smartwatches and smartphones. You can easily charge your Fitbit through a power bank.

DIY Charger

Do you want to be more creative and try something unique? Well, you can make a DIY charger for your Fitbit and connect it to some power source to charge your Fitbit. To make a DIY charger, first, collect the essential material and then follow the guide to make a charger.

Essential Tips For Charging Fitbit

Essential Tips For Charging Fitbit
Essential Tips For Charging Fitbit

Do you also put your phone on charge while going to sleep? Well, it’s okay to be lazy, but don’t try this stunt at home. Leaving your smartwatch on charging mode for longer periods can cause short circuits, damage your device, and may also result in fire.

Some people often complain that their Fitbit battery life is reducing over time. Sometimes, the Fitbit takes more than longer to get fully recharged. To avoid such situations, follow these tips while charging your Fitbit.

  • Keep the watch dry.
  • Make sure the cable is connected properly.
  • Ensure the compatibility of the cable with your Fitbit.
  • Clean the device and the charging port regularly.
  • Try to use Fitbit’s original power cable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you charge a Fitbit with a phone charger?

Fitbit only offers a charging lead with its fitness trackers. You can use your phone charger to connect this lead to the power source. The best part is that this charging method is comparatively fast and more reliable.

Is Fitbit compatible with wireless chargers?

Not all, but you can charge your Fitbit with a compatible wireless charger. All you have to do is to put down your phone in the right position on the charging pad. Ensure that charging has started.

Can I use some other lead to charge my Fitbit?

It is best to use the original Fitbit charging lead with a wall charger to recharge your Fitbit. However, you may also use some other excellent quality lead if you have lost the original one. Make sure that the lead is compatible with both your Fitbit and the wall charger.

Can I use any charger with my Fitbit?

As mentioned earlier, not all chargers are compatible with Fitbit. Before charging your Fitbit with a charger, ensure that the power out is compatible with that of your Fitbit lead and batteries.

Final Words

Fitbit smartwatches come with robust and long-lasting batteries. However, sometimes you might still face battery problems when you don’t charge your Fitbit on time. This is where this article might help you get out of the problem.

This was all about how to charge a Fitbit without a charger. The charging process is simple, even if you don’t have a charger. However, the DIY charger method requires some creativity and precision to work properly.

Although the primary emphasis of this article is on presenting approaches to charging a Fitbit watch without a dedicated charger, similar methods can be utilized to charge other popular wearable devices, such as Garmin. Check out this article explaining charging a Garmin watch without a charger.

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