5 Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying – Should You Get A New One?

Fitbit watches and fitness trackers are getting popular both among men and women. If you are also interested in tracking your daily activities, you must be aware of it. However, if you use one watch for several years, you might see a gradual decrease in its performance.

One of the signs your Fitbit is dying is the decrease in its performance. Moreover, you may see several other signs, such as external damage, connectivity issues, and inaccurate data readings. Also, if Fitbit stops responding to commands, it is a sign that your Fitbit is dying.

If you are also worried about your Fitbit and don’t know whether you should change it or repair it, then look no further. In this guide, we will discuss the signs that indicate the decline in your Fitbit’s performance. Read it thoroughly to learn how to handle such a situation.

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last? Explained!

Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying
How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last? Explained!

There is no specific answer to this question. The life of a Fitbit or any other electronic gadget depends on various factors such as the model, quality, and the way it’s used. However, a rough estimate shows that most Fitbit devices tend to last for almost 2-5 years. 

Most Fitbit watches are waterproof. However, every time you get into the water with a Fitbit on your wrist, the water affects your Fitbit a little. When you keep going like this for a few months, your watch might start deteriorating with a decline in performance.

Though there is no specific lifespan for a Fitbit, you can follow several measures to get the most out of your Fitbit. With proper care and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your Fitbit lasts longer than expected. So, take care of it as if it’s your baby! You can also read this detailed article on Fitbit’s lifespan.

5 Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying

How do I know that my Fitbit is dying? What are the common Fitbit problems that indicate a dying Fitbit watch? These are some questions most commonly asked by Fitbit users. Here are five common problems that indicate that your Fitbit life is going to end. RIP!


Is your Fitbit battery performance not as good as it was during the early days of it? Is it draining faster than expected? Well, it never means that your Fitbit is about to die. However, it is one of the most crucial signs that indicate the life span of your Fitbit.

Look for higher battery consumption factors such as the GPS, heavy applications, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. These factors are responsible for Fitbit battery draining so fast, and your Fitbit might give you a battery life of a few hours.

However, if it’s not the case and your Fitbit battery still keeps draining quickly, you should start looking for a new Fitbit. Fast battery drainage is one of the signs your Fitbit is dying. Also, sometimes, your Fitbit may turn off suddenly while working due to a low battery.

Fitbit Battery
Fitbit’s Battery


Is your Fitbit screen

  • Turning on and off on its own?
  • Not as bright as it was when you first bought it?
  • Flickering?
  • Not showing clear text and crisp colors?

If your Fitbit is showing you these signs, you should start looking for another fitness tracker unless you don’t need it anymore. The display screen of your Fitbit is the second thing that gets affected when your Fitbit is dying. 

Fitbit's Display
Fitbit’s Display


It’s not specific to Fitbit only, but every digital gadget, such as phones and headphones, starts giving charging issues. Most of the time, your device takes too long to fully charge. In some cases, your device does not charge fully even if you keep it plugged in for hours.

If such is the case with your Fitbit, there are two possibilities. Either your Fitbit is dying, or there is some problem with the charging contacts. For the latter, you can try cleaning the charging contacts. However, for the former, you should consider buying a new Fitbit.

How To Charge A Fitbit Without A Charger – Methods
Fitbit’s Charging

Synching Issues

How to know that your watch has synching issues? Well, there are several signs for that, such as it may take longer to sync data between your watch and smartphone. Similarly, you might face problems while connecting your watch to the smartphone or the headphone.

Due to the synching issues, you will also not receive your phone notifications on your watch. Also, you have to use your phone for activities that can be done with your watch. If you are having such issues with your watch, consider replacing it at your earliest convenience. 

Fitbit's Syncing Issues
Fitbit’s Syncing Issues


A gradual decline in the overall performance of your Fitbit is one of the major signs your Fitbit is dying. This might start from small display glitches or connectivity issues to big problems such as suddenly running out of battery.

Fitbit watches have a “raise to wake” feature which allows you to just raise your hand if you want to turn on the display. If you start seeing interruptions with such features, you should know that the time has come. Try to replace your Fitbit as soon as possible.

How Many Years Does A Fitbit Last — Replacing Your Fitbit
Fitbit’s Performance

Why Is My Fitbit Battery Draining So Fast?

It is not necessary that your Fitbit battery is draining fast because your Fitbit is dying or its life has ended. There are several other factors responsible for the faster battery drainage of your Fitbit. Let’s have a look at these factors.

  • Your Fitbit GPS is turned on.
  • You are listening to music with your Fitbit inbuilt speaker.
  • You have apps running in the background.
  • The “all-day sync” feature for Fitbit app is turned on.
  • You have a lot of apps on your Fitbit menu list.
  • Constant notifications from your phone also reduce the battery life.

These are some common reasons why your Fitbit battery is draining fast. However, there might be some technical problem with your Fitbit, which might be the culprit for the excessive battery drainage. So, look for all the possibilities before investing in a new Fitbit.

Extend Your Fitbit’s Life

How to extend Fitbit’s life? How to get the most out of your Fitbit? What should I do to make my Fitbit last longer? Do such questions pop up in your mind? Well, don’t worry because the majority of Fitbit users come up with similar questions. Here are some tips for you.

  • Take care of it as your baby.
  • Do not expose it to high temperatures.
  • Avoid contact with water.
  • Do proper maintenance.
  • Do not install unnecessary apps.
  • Do not wear it in rough conditions, such as while playing harsh games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to know if my Fitbit needs a new battery?

You should know it once you start experiencing battery problems such as short life, not charging properly, or taking too long to recharge. Such things happen when you do not take proper care of Fitbit and use it roughly. In such a case, consider replacing it.

Is Fitbit’s battery replaceable?

Unfortunately, you can not replace the battery. If your Fitbit is under warranty and you are experiencing battery problems, you can contact Fitbit customer support. They will replace the band for you. In the other case, you have to buy a new one.

Do Fitbits just stop working?

Not necessary. In most cases, you will see a gradual decline in your Fitbit’s performance. You will see a decline in battery life, small glitches, and connectivity issues that will increase with time. Then a time will come when your Fitbit will just stop working without any notification.

Why is my Fitbit losing power?

There can be several reasons for this, such as a turned-on GPS or the continuous syncing of data. Moreover, apps running in the background can also be responsible for this issue. However, if this isn’t the case, your Fitbit might have a technical problem.

What to do after my Fitbit dies?

Well, if it’s still under warranty, chances are there is some technical problem with your watch. You can contact Fitbit customer support, and they will guide you. However, if there is no warrant, which is most probably the case, you should consider buying a new one.


Fitbit is an excellent fitness activity tracker that is very common among fitness enthusiasts nowadays. However, like every other gadget out there, it also has a particular life span. Once the gadget expires, you will have to look for a new one to keep the job going.

Overall, I would recommend you change your Fitbit after every two years. Replacing your old Fitbit with the latest and updated model will give you access to a wide range of new features. Go with the best to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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