How To Reset A Fitbit Alta – User Guide 2024

Are you facing issues with your Fitbit Alta, like not syncing, being unresponsive to touches, and battery drainage problems? Then you might consider resetting your Fitbit but need help figuring out how to do it. Let’s see what reset is, its advantages, and “How To Reset A Fitbit Alta.”

Over time your Fitbit Alta might become sluggish and insensitive to your taps for many reasons. These reasons include apps running in the background, piling junk files, or older software versions. In these cases resetting your Fitbit is worth a try.

After Upgrading your Fitbit software, you may also need to reset your Fitbit for the update to take immediate effect. You can also reset your Fitbit Alta if you want to sell or get a new Fitbit. This is because you don’t want other users to access your data.

How To Reset A Fitbit Alta? – Advantages And Methods 

How To Reset A Fitbit Alta – Advantages And Methods
How To Reset A Fitbit Alta – Advantages And Methods

Resetting your Fitbit clears up the memory and settles minor issues like touch delay and lagging. A normal reset does not wipe out the data and settings of your Fitbit smartwatch. Resetting Fitbit boosts your device Performance. Let’s see how you can reset your Fitbit. 

Different Methods To Reset Fitbit Alta

 Two methods can come in handy for resetting your Fitbit Alta. These are as follows:-

Resetting Through Charging Cable.

  • Plugin, your Fitbit Alta, charging cable.
  • On the Charging Base, you can see a small circular button.
  • Tap the circular button three times, and the Fitbit logo will appear.
  • Your device has been reset.

Removing Data From Fitbit Alta:-

You can remove all your Fitbit data by removing it from your account. Here is how you can do it.

  • Go on to Fitbit Official Account
  • Login to your account.
  • On the dashboard, select the gear option.
  • Tap on Alta Tracker.
  • At the bottom of the page, tap “Remove This Alta From Your Account.”
  • And it’s done.

What is the Difference Between Factory Reset and Simple Reset?

A simple reset does not erase all of the data on your Fitbit but is just a simple reboot-like function. This can be handy in case your device faces a slight hitch. In this case, a reset solves the issue by clearing the ram and closing the apps running in the background. 

A factory data reset is recommended when a normal reset does not clear up your device bugs. Unlike reset, the factory data reset erases all your data and settings on your Fitbit. This makes a soft reset more user-oriented and more advantageous than a factory reset.

Does Fitbit Alta Support Factory Data Reset?

Fitbit Alta does not support a factory data reset; you only reset your Fitbit Alta. This makes it more convenient to use Fitbit Alta with a simple reset option because it saves your important data from being deleted. Thus providing a great user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a reset button in Fitbit Alta?

A Fitbit Alta has a reset button on its charging cable. Hold the circular button on the charging base until the Fitbit logo appears, and it will reset Fitbit Alta.

What to do if Fitbit dies out?

After your Fitbit dies out, try recharging your Fitbit and restarting it. This will fix it.

At what time does the Fitbit automatically reset?

Fitbit automatically resets every day in the middle of the night, thus making your Fitbit optimized and to make it ready for your use.

Final Words

A normal reset can readily improve your device working, clears up internal memory, and fix some bugs like troubleshooting. Another upper hand of resetting your Fitbit Alta is that it doesn’t delete any of your Fitness data and settings.

How To Reset A Fitbit Alta – Final Words
How To Reset A Fitbit Alta – Final Words

Moreover, you should copy all of your data to your Fitbit account dashboard before giving it a simple reset. Once you are done with resetting, your Fitbit will come to its standard functionality again. You can now enjoy using your Fitbit without any problems.

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