How To Charge Garmin Watch Without Charger? User Guide 2024

In recent years, we have seen Garmin investing in its devices’ charging capabilities. Most Garmin watches come with a proprietary charging cable. However, chances are you might lose the cable or get it damaged. In such a case, you must know how to charge Garmin watch without charger.

Garmin watches have gained popularity due to the services and technology they offer. Garmin uses a type C port for charging, which is now a popular charging mechanism for charging electronic devices. This mechanism is fast, efficient, and reliable, and most devices support it.

Are you looking for a reliable method to charge your Garmin watch if you don’t have a charger? Read this article thoroughly to learn about alternative methods of charging a Garmin watch if you don’t have a charger. 

How To Charge Garmin Watch Without Charger?

How To Charge Garmin Watch Without Charger

There is no specific answer to how to charge a Garmin watch without a charger. The only Garmin model that supports wireless charging is Garmin Vivomove Trend(Qi-compatible). Qi-compatible means you can only charge this watch with a Qi-certified charging pad.

Garmin is looking forward to introducing wireless charging to its watches to help improve your experience with your Garmin Watch. Though Garmin watches lack wireless charging technology, there are alternative ways to charge your watch. 

Alternative Methods Of Charging Garmin Watches

There are alternative methods to charge your Garmin Watch if you have lost or forgotten your Garmin proprietary cable. Let’s have a look at some of the best possible methods to charge your Garmin watch without the original Garmin charger.

Charging With A Cell Phone Charger.

If you have lost your Garmin charging cable, you can use your smartphone charger to charge your Garmin watch. Garmin supports type C charging which is quite common nowadays due to the Android phones that support similar charging cables.

Charging garmin watch With A Cell Phone Charger

You can follow these steps to charge your Garmin with a smartphone-type c charger.

  • Connect the USB end of the wire to an adapter.
  • Plug the adapter into the electric source.
  • Connect the type C end to Garmin Watch.
  • And you are done.

Charging With Solar Energy

How To Charge Garmin Watch Without Charger? User Guide 2024

Garmin can charge from direct sunlight and thus provides you an edge over other watches that do not support this technology. For solar charging, place your watch and the solar charger in direct sunlight and connect the charging cable to the watch.

Once you are done with charging, just remove the cable from your watch charging dock. The only disadvantage of solar charging is that it is not as fast as the other charging methods. Solar charging may take several hours to charge your Garmin watch completely.

Charging The Watch Using A Car Mobile Charger.

If you are driving and your Garmin watch runs out of power, you can use your car charger to recharge it. However, it is not recommended as it may have a negative impact on your watch’s battery performance. Here are a few simple steps to charge your Garmin Watch using a car charger.

  • Turn on your car’s engine.
  • Connect your car charging cable to your Garmin Watch using a Type C USB cable.
  • Your Garmin watch will start charging.
  • Once the battery reaches 100%, remove the cable.
How To Charge Garmin Watch Without Charger? User Guide 2024

Charging the Watch Using An External Powerbank

Many people think that charging devices with external power banks often harms the batteries and reduces the battery life. Though it is true unless you are using manufacturer-recommended power sources.

Garmin recommends its users to charge their devices by using the specific charger provided. However, they can also use an external power bank such as “Garmin Charge Power Pack.” Moreover, the Garmin support team says you can use any UL-certified power bank to charge your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if you overcharge your Garmin?

If you frequently overcharge your Garmin watch, it will result in a short life span of Garmin battery life. Thus it’s a good practice to not charge your watch for more than 2-3 hours. Unlike Samsung, Garmin lacks smart charging and is unable to stop charging automatically.

How to charge Garmin Watch charging faster?

Garmin watches do not support fast charging. Charging your Garmin Watch consistently from 0 to 100 % will take 2-3 hours.

How long does the Garmin battery last?

The Garmin battery lasts about one week. However, it depends on how you use your Garmin watch. If you are using apps such as GPS and Bluetooth too frequently, your watch may run out of battery quickly.

Does Garmin watch charge while running?

Yes, you can charge your watch by carrying a power bank while running and connecting your watch to it. You can use a Type C charging cable with the USB side connected to the power bank and the type c side connected to your watch.


After exploring all the possibilities, we can now conclude that there is no way to charge a Garmin Watch using wireless charging. However, there are alternative ways to charge your watch, by using a smartphone charger, solar charging, or a car charger. 

The only model that supports wireless charging is the Garmin Vivomove Trend(Qi-compatible). Garmin is investing in wireless charging technology, and there is hope to see this technology in common models. 

While the main focus of this article is on providing methods to charge your Garmin watch without a dedicated charger, it’s worth noting that similar techniques can be applied to charging other popular wearable devices like Fitbit. Read this article on how to charge a Fitbit without a charger.

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