Can You Wear A Fitbit In The Sauna?

Smartwatches are becoming an essential part of people’s life due to their everyday supportive features. However, there is always a limit to every technology. Smartwatches also have several restrictions. Today, we will discuss, “Can you wear a Fitbit in the sauna?”

In short, No. Fitbit smartwatches have a heat-resistant capacity of up to 113 °F. Saunas in Europe often work at high temperatures of 160-175 °F. This puts the internal parts of Fitbit at risk, such as the sensors and the adhesive material that makes it water-resistant.

However, in exceptional cases, such as the lower temperature of the sauna or the premium quality of the watch, you may wear it. Remember that using Fitbit at such places might not give you accurate readings. Read this article thoroughly to learn more about Fitbit watches.

Can You Wear A Fitbit In The Sauna? An Overview?

Can You Wear A Fitbit In The Sauna?

While buying gadgets such as phones, smartwatches, or ear pods, most people consider if it is water resistant or not. Most Fitbit trackers are water resistant up to 50 meters. However, it doesn’t matter how strongly your Fitbit can resist water if you are going to a sauna. 

The problem is the high temperature inside the sauna, which exceeds the maximum temperature limit of Fitbit, i.e., 140 °F. Saunas often operate at an average temperature of 175 °F which may disrupt the adhesive material that keeps it water resistant. 

The high temperatures of the sauna can also affect the sensors of your Fitbit. Moreover, the steel back of your Fitbit may get hot and may burn your skin if the temperature is too high. Also, there is a risk to your Fitbit’s band as it can not withstand such high temperatures. 

Factors To Consider While Taking Fitbit To Sauna

Though it may shorten the life span of your Fitbit, most people still go to saunas and pools with their Fitbit. If you also want to take your Fitbit in a sauna, you need to consider several factors. Have a look at the points below to see if your Fitbit can survive in a Sauna or not.

Fitbit Model

The model of your Fitbit tracker greatly determines the level of the technology inside them. The latest Fitbit models are more robust with premium features, making them suitable for rough conditions. On the contrary, older models may not work in harsh conditions. 

Before entering the sauna with your Fitbit, ensure you know the model and its specifications. Fitbit Models such as Fitbit Flex are considered to be the most robust ones when it comes to durability. 

Temperature Range

Different Fitbit models have different specifications. Some may not work inside water or at high temperatures. Others may be water resistant up to some limit and may also give accurate readings at high temperatures. 

On average, Fitbit smartwatches have a heat-resistant capacity of up to 113 °F. However, the latest models, such as Fitbit Flex, may withstand up to 140 °F temperature. Check the temperature range of your Fitbit and that inside the sauna before you go in.

Degree Of Water Resistance

While there is no such active role of water inside saunas, you must consider the water-resistant ability of your watch. Fitbit claims that most of their devices are water resistant up to 50 meters and can give accurate readings even under water.

Remember that your Fitbit might lose its water-resistant ability if not handled carefully. Wearing Fitbit at high temperatures may result in inaccurate readings and the disruption of its internal components. Moreover, Fitbit may not work at altitudes above 28000 feet.

Material Quality

As mentioned earlier, the high temperature of the sauna may disrupt the adhesive material of your Fitbit, which makes it water-resistant. This puts your Fitbit at risk of losing its water-resistant ability and also affects its overall life span and functionality.

Before you go into the sauna with your Fitbit on your wrist, make sure that it is made of high-quality materials. Moreover, the high temperature of the sauna can result in chemical reactions inside your Fitbit, which might be dangerous for you.

Warranty Coverage

Fitbit products often come with a warranty of almost two years. Though different models have different warranty periods, the terms of service are almost similar to all products. Make sure you check your device’s warranty before you go into the sauna.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Wear a Fitbit Flex In The Sauna?

Some users say that they have been using Fitbit Flex in the sauna for some time and have not experienced anything wrong. Though some people consider the Fitbit Flex as suitable for saunas, we won’t recommend it as it shortens the watch’s life.

Does a sauna burn calories?

Yes, saunas burn calories and help you reduce your weight quickly. Professional athletes often prefer saunas when they are looking to get rid of excessive calories. Remember that a single session of sauna can help you reduce almost 5 pounds.

Can you wear Fitbit in a steam room?

Steam rooms resemble saunas, so you should not go inside with your Fitbit. Steam rooms have 100 % moisture in the air, and that too at a high temperature. This makes it dangerous for you to carry any electronic equipment or gadget inside.

Final Words

Fitbit smartwatches are a great way to keep track of your daily activities. Especially for athletes, Fitbit plays an excellent role in keeping them on their fitness routine. However, it has some limitations, such as you can’t use it at high temperatures or pressures.

This was all about “Can you wear a Fitbit in the sauna.” Overall, Fitbits are not meant for deep water diving or places such as saunas or hot water tubs. This may affect Fitbit’s internal components and functions and may result in faulty readings. 

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