Is Your Michael Kors Watch Not Working? The Ultimate Fix.

Watches by Michael Kors have been regarded as a symbol of refinement and style due to their exquisite craftsmanship and gorgeous designs. These watches stand out due to their antique structure and functions and are worn by professionals and fashion fans. 

Even the best watches sometimes experience operational problems, leaving you curious why is your Michael Kors watch not working. Or it is no longer accurately keeping time or has just ceased operating.

There are several typical issues, and quick cures that can revive your Michael Kors watch before you freak out and assume the worst. This article will discuss these problems and provide the best options to keep your watch running.

Michael Kors Watch Not Working – Overview

Michael Kors Watch Not Working

Don’t panic if your Michael Kors watch has malfunctioned or is no longer keeping time. We’ll reveal the secrets behind typical problems that can harm your watch in this guide, and we’ll provide you with practical fixes so you can give your Michael Kors watch a fresh start in life. 

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Issues & Fixes for Michael Kors Watch Not Working

From dead batteries to water damage, we’ve got you covered with expert guidance and insights to ensure your watch remains a dependable and stylish addition for years to come. In this section, we’ll be listing all the problems and solutions along with it. 

Issues & Fixes for Michael Kors Watch Not Working

Problem 1: Dead And Low Battery

A low battery is one of the most frequent causes of a Michael Kors watch not working. Depending on usage, a Michael Kors watch has a 1-2 years battery life. Dead batteries can cause the watch’s hands to remain motionless, the display to be blank, or the watch to operate noticeably more slowly than usual.

It can be upsetting when this occurs, especially considering the watch’s importance as a timepiece and fashion accessory. But the good news is that fixing this problem is relatively simple, and you can get your Michael Kors watch back to accurately ticking.


It is advised to take your watch to a skilled watchmaker or a Michael Kors authorized service center for a battery replacement to solve a dead battery issue. Avoid online DIY battery solutions since they risk damaging the watch or voiding the warranty.

Problem 2: Incorrect Time or Date

It can be annoying when your Michael Kors watch displays the wrong time or date. A watch is more than simply a timepiece as it also conveys your personal style. Don’t worry; this issue only requires a minor configuration change to stop showing the incorrect time.


Consult your Michael Kors watch’s user manual for instructions on making exact time and date adjustments. The hands and date are usually adjusted by pulling the crown to a specified position and twisting it. Make sure the time zone setting is set correctly as well.

Problem 3: Water Damage

It is critical to understand that Michael Kors watches are not designed for deep-sea diving, and subjecting them to extremely high water pressure might cause issues like condensation under the crystal or internal component damage.


You must take swift action if your watch submerges in water. Remove the watch from the water as soon as possible and put it in a container with some dry rice or silica gel packets to absorb moisture. If the issue persists, visit a reputable watch repair shop for evaluation and possible repairs.

Problem 4: Stopped Movement

A watch with a wholly stopped movement may be experiencing mechanical difficulties. The watch hands may stop moving, or there may be a delay in its action. In the case of a Michael Kors smartwatch, the screen may blink, or the display may become dark. 


A certified watchmaker or a Michael Kors servicing facility must thoroughly analyze the mechanical watch mechanism. In the case of a Michael Kors smartwatch, try a hard reset on your smartwatch and consult the user manual. 

Problem 4: Verify the Crown and Stem

The crown is the little button on the watch that sets the date and time. The stem joins the movement and the crown. The watch may occasionally cease working due to damage to the crown and stem.


Examine the Crown: Make sure the crown is flat with the casing and fully pressed in. Should it be removed, the watch may malfunction.

Inspect for Damage: Look for any obvious evidence of wear or damage on the crown and stem. Getting any problems with your watch fixed by a professional is recommended.

Problem 4: Smartwatch Software Glitches

Even high-end timepieces like Michael Kors can occasionally have software issues in the digital world. These bugs may result from stuck displays, malfunctions, or inaccurate readings. 


Try performing a reset on your watch following the manufacturer’s instructions if the issue is software-related. Typically, this involves pressing a combination of buttons or accessing the watch’s menu. 

If the problem continues, refer to the user guide or contact customer service at Michael Kors for advice on troubleshooting or updating the watch’s software. You may also follow troubleshooting tutorials from YouTube to fix these problems. 

Problem 5: Broken or Scratched Cyrstal/Glass

The watch face’s protecting crystal, which can become damaged or fractured over time, detracts from its beauty and functioning. It may also scratch or tear the watch’s dial paper card.  


If the crystal becomes scratched, get an authorized watchmaker to polish it. The crystal must be replaced if it is severely fractured or damaged. You can also replace the watch dial card if it is torn or scratched. 

Problem 6: Loose or Damaged Strap

A loose or damaged strap may impact your Michael Kors watch’s overall functioning and appearance. It could be torn, or the pins could fall out. 


You can adjust or replace the strap depending on its material (metal, leather, or silicone). As a second option, seek expert assistance with strap repair or replacement. You can also change Band pins because they are easily accessible on the market. 

Tips To Avoid These Errors

Tips To Avoid Michael Kors Watch Errors

Battery Care:

  • Pull the crown to the time-setting position to save battery life while not wearing your watch for an extended period.

Time and Date:

  • Check and frequently correct the time and date settings, especially after time zone switching.

Water Resistance: 

  • Avoid getting your Michael Kors watch wet, especially if it wasn’t made for swimming.
  • If you have the money, think about getting a water-resistant model.

Software Updates:

  • If there are software updates for your watch, update it regularly.
  • Don’t overburden the watch with data or apps that could cause software instability.

Mechanical Watch Care:

  • Take care when handling your watch, and keep it safe from knocks or shocks.
  • Plan routine watchmaker maintenance to avoid internal problems.

Protective Crystal Protection:

  • Avoid engaging in activities potentially harming your watch’s crystal, such as sports or laborious tasks.


There’s no need to panic if your Michael Kors watch has problems. There are usually methods available to return your watch to its former glory, whether the issue is common, like a dead battery, improper settings, water damage, crystal troubles, or a more contemporary one, like software malfunctions. 

You can seek professional help whenever there is an issue with the watch. You can ensure your Michael Kors watch continues to adorn your wrist with flair and accuracy for years by carefully maintaining it and using the methods offered in this article.

Michael Kors Watch Not Working (FAQs)

  1. How do you unfreeze a Michael Kors watch?

    Try performing a soft reset by pressing and holding the watch’s buttons for a short period if your Michael Kors watch has become stuck or unresponsive. Refer to the user guide or contact Michael Kors’s customer service for detailed troubleshooting instructions if something else is needed.

  2. What is the battery life of a Michael Kors watch?

    A Michael Kors watch’s battery life varies depending on the model and usage. A Michael Kors watch’s battery typically lasts between 1-2 years before needing to be changed.

  3. What is the battery life of a Michael Kors watch?

    A Michael Kors watch may not function for several reasons, such as a dead battery, improper settings, water damage, software bugs, or mechanical problems. It’s crucial to pinpoint the precise issue before using the appropriate troubleshooting techniques or consulting an expert.

  4. Can I replace the watch battery myself?

    While changing the watch battery yourself is possible, it is advised to do so by a qualified watchmaker or at a Michael Kors authorized service facility to prevent the watch from being harmed or the warranty from being voided.

  5. Is it safe to wear my Michael Kors watch while swimming?

    Michael Kors sells watches resistant to water, but confirming the model’s precise water resistance rating is essential. Some timepieces can be worn while swimming, while others cannot. Keep your watch out of the water if it isn’t made for aquatic sports.

  6. How often should I service my Michael Kors watch?

    Even if your Michael Kors watch is in perfect operating order, it is still suggested to have a professional watchmaker service it every two to three years. Regular maintenance can maintain the watch’s longevity and prevent any problems.

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