How Much Is E6 Connect For Garmin R10?

E6 Connect is a premium golf simulation software that helps players experience realistic golf on the course. This software can be used with various golf simulators, including the Garmin R10. Being a golfer and Garmin user, it is worth considering How much is E6 Connect for Garmin R10?

E6 Connect provides you with a large number of facilities, from choosing a course of your choice to exploring different golf environments. You can customize your golf courses and set certain conditions that affect golf in real life. This way, E6 Connect can readily boost your performance.

This feature of customizing the course for different conditions helps you excel in your game. Irrespective of what conditions you play in, E6 Connect provides analytics that enables you to improve your game. But how much will this software cost you for your R10? Let’s have a look. 

How Much Is E6 Connect For Garmin R10? Pricing

How Much Is E6 Connect For Garmin R10
How Much Is E6 Connect For Garmin R10

E6 Connect offers a variety of price ranges so that you can choose between what matches your requirements. The price of the package increases with an increase in subscription time and any additional features you want. The more features you unlock, the higher the price gets.

The price of E6 connect for your Garmin R10 may change with changes in locations and resellers. Different resellers provide different prices that may vary from the original cost. In this context, always check the website and contact only authorized resellers for updated prices.

Keep in mind that E6 Connect is a premium golf simulation software with a high price range. Thus golfers with a high budget and who are keen to improve their game might find E6 justifying its price. Other players might need help finding E6 and explaining its value for the price. 

Service E6 Connect Offers With Garmin R10

How Much Is E6 Connect For Garmin-R10? Pricing
Service E6 Connect Offers With Garmin R10 (Image Credit: Garmin)

E6 Connect is a third-party software that is compatible with Garmin R10 and allows you to simulate different rounds of golf. You can play virtual rounds of golf and get a realistic experience of various golf courses from your home.

Garmin R10 with E6 Connect presents precise and actual representations of different courses and their layouts. You can vary the conditions in which you are playing to get a more realistic vibe. Moreover, it provides sufficient information about your golf stick swing when you take a shot.

Using E6 Connect with Garmin can boost your golf performance and can provide sufficient information about different courses. Using this information, you get vast knowledge of how other conditions can affect a particular course. With this info, you can vary your game with conditions.

E6 Connect Packages For You To Use With R10 – Which One Suits You?

Standard License

If you can afford it, then it’s recommended to go for a standard license that costs 2500 dollars for PC and 1500 dollars for iOS. The PC Version includes 27 courses, 17 practice areas, player profiles, Clubhouse features, and modes of play. 

The iOS package only includes 15 courses, 17 practice areas, player profiles, and modes of play. These licenses are a one-time buy and can be used throughout. Thus rather than buying subscriptions that expire, it is worth buying a license only if you can afford it.

Subscriptions For You


The basic subscription costs about 300 dollars, including player profiles, 27 courses, peer-to-peer play, online event access, practice areas, modes of the game, and 12 pieces of rotating content. This subscription only lasts for a time of 1 year.


The expanded subscription includes 96 courses, practice areas, player profiles, modes of play, plus peer-to-peer space and online event access. This course will cost you 600 dollars, and this subscription also lasts for one year.

Additional Courses:

The additional course will cost you 700 dollars if you are buying the PBR pack. This pack includes three courses, namely Spyglass Hill, Spanish Bay, and Pebble Beach Resort. However, if you want additional courses individually, each course will cost you 300 dollars with lifetime access.

What Makes E6 Connect Worth Investment?

The following reasons make E6 Connect worth the investment. 


E6 Connect provides a realistic course experience and information that resembles real-life golf courses. It offers real-time weather conditions that can have an effect on your game in real life. This similarity of the software to reality makes it worth the investment.


You can customize weather conditions like wind, humidity, and temperature according to your needs and requirements. This will help you go through a more tough golf experience, ultimately improving your golf.

Advanced Technology

E6 Connect comes with advanced technology that includes tools for analyzing your game analytics. You can check out your golf stick swings and search for areas of improvement. These tools will greatly assist you if you want to master certain shots.

Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Experience With E6 and R10 

Before you start to practice, set specific targets to achieve at the end of practice. These targets may include stick swings, course management, or mastering specific conditions. Maintaining focus will help get the most out of E6 and R10.

Practice in different conditions and always try to change the weather conditions to make the course hard and challenging. Doing so will make you confident, and you will always perform better on specific golf courses that can be affected by weather conditions.

Rather than just wasting time on different courses or playing shots, start your practice with a purpose. Moreover, you can try the various modes offered by E6 Connect to keep your practice session interesting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my Garmin Golf to my PC?

In the Garmin Golf App, select Golf Sim, then go to TruGolf E6 Connect and select Play on PC. Follow the instructions on the screen; these will take you to connect your E6 Connect with Windows 10. Stimulate your courses on your PC now.

Does Garmin E6 connect work with iOS and PC?

Yes, Garmin E6 Connect works with iOS and PC. You can download the E6 Connect apps for the respective platforms and start using them. After you have downloaded them, you can get started with five free courses on the iOS version..

How do I upload my Garmin scorecard?

You can upload your Garmin scorecard to Garmin Connect using Garmin Express Application.

How do I get the latest maps for my Garmin Golf device?

Download the latest charts and save them on a memory card and use them on your PC. You can also activate your maps or services using a voucher or a product key.


Finally, we conclude that E6 Connect is a premium golf simulation software that is used with Garmin R10. Some golfers might find it expensive, and others might not. Its cost is high, but it provides many advanced features that help improve your Golfing experience. 

How Much Is E6 Connect For Garmin R10? Conclusion
Conclusion (Image Credit: Garmin)

You can either buy a lifetime license or switch to different types of subscription modes depending on your budget. The license is valid for a lifetime, while the subscriptions expire after one year. E6 Connect with Garmin R10 can be a game changer if you are a professional golfer or planning to become one.

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